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Love, peace & simplicity

Julie Johannsen has believed in this since very young.

Julie embodies these three words and incorporates them into everything she does. Growing up in the countryside, growing vegetables and fruit with her father, Julie learnt the importance and beauty of nature and the powerful impact it can have on our lives. 

‘With the realisation of the delicacy of life and the importance to treat it with love, peace and simplicity at the very heart of Juno.’

In Taking the road less travelled in the Far East, North Africa, India and throughout the diversity of Europe, always seeking to experience real life. These journeys inspired style, taste, scent, health and wellbeing. Returning each time with new influences and inspirations, knowingly and unknowingly creating and forever adding to the foundations of Juno.


Throughout her adult years, Julie tried many types of skincare from the easily accessible to the ultra exclusive, however she became disenchanted with the anti-ageing claims and the heavy reliance on man-made materials. 


Early memories of Julie with her father

Julie began a journey of experimentation and began to learn how to make her own skincare with pure and natural ingredients. After three years of patient experimenting coinciding with the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer, Juno was born.


The impact & importance of yoga


Julie has been a Yoga practitioner since 1993 and completed the Pranava Yoga Teachers Diploma in 2005. She has featured in Yoga publications and teaching videos and taught, her first student was Zoe Ball, Radio 2 Presenter.

15 years ago Julie discovered the 5 Tibetan rites which she has practiced daily and in doing so has improved her well being, personal fitness, spiritual discipline and helped enhance her mental and physical vitality and balance.


It has been life changing and made a significant contribution towards Juno Skincare

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