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We are dedicated in our pursuit of environmental sustainability.

As a small business our journey is one of stepping stones. We strive to be as sustainable and ethical as possible whilst understanding that the path towards achieving this is filled with challenges.  


Packaging as an example is something which we have sought to do in the kindest way possible together with the constraints of minimum order quantities. It is a partnership between ourselves and our customers. Our eventual aim is to have a range packaged entirely of Biodegradable materials, until we reach that stage we have used materials which are efficient and cost effective to recycle therefore doing the best we can together with our customers to maintain a recycle journey of our products which leaves little or no impact.

Zero waste

Zero wastage is absolutely core to our beliefs at Juno. We recycle all containers, we waste not one drop of our product in the manufacturing process and we maintain a hands on approach with all of our manufacturing.

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