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Its not just us that believe in our products.

Discover why Juno has become an essential part of many women's skincare lives.

I have tried many different face oils/serums and have yet to discover one that did not smother my skin. I was rather sceptical that the face oil by Juno would be indeed any different or any better. However, I was amazed at how light Juno Joie actually is and the way it so easily absorbed into my skin. Since using Juno Joie I have noticed a marked improvement in my complexion with my skin feeling firmer and softer to the touch. Being in my forties, I have searched for many years for a natural product which reflect my beliefs that what you put on your skin should be void of any man made chemicals. Juno joie delivers this in buckets. Even my 18 year old daughter has fallen in love with it!

Miss Bell from Surrey


Very easy to apply, slides onto skin and is quickly absorbed to leave no shine, just a healthy glow.  Moisturises deep down to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and youthful. Great to know there are no nasty chemicals just natural products permeating deep into the skin.

Amanda from Brighton

Trust Fundraiser

I never used oil till now. I came across Juno Joie and have never looked back. I use it on my face, my elbows and nails. My elbows are smoother and the dry skin gone, my nails are stronger and my skin is softer and glowing. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and my age group.

Janet from Reading


The Joie Face Oil is a great discovery. I'm normally a moisturiser only kind of person, but this face oil is wonderful. Not at all greasy and feels like pure comfort on my skin, with a pleasant aroma that leaves me feeling like I've just had a facial massage.

Vicky from Brighton

Marketing Coordinator

I have been using Juno Joie face oil for the past 6 months and am absolutely happy with it. It is so easy to apply and does not leave,my skin greasy but simply smooth and soft. I came back from my holiday in france with a nasty sunburn on my shoulders. The skin was very rough like crocodile skin, I was having a treatment of acupuncture at the time and the nurse thought I had a skin disease. Everyday I applied my Joie face oil and after a week to 10 days the skin on my shoulders had regained its supulness and  smoothness. I never thought it would be perfect so quickly.

Francoise from Surrey


I have been using this oil for about a month now and I'm really happy with it.  The texture is light enough not to make your face feel greasy but it's rich enough to nourish the skin.  It's great knowing that it contains only natural ingredients and that it is home made. Of course another bonus is that 2-3 drops per application is all that is needed making it great value for money.  I'd definitely buy more of these products.

Suze from Amsterdam

Working mum

I absolutely adore my Juno face oil. I've got slightly dry skin which can feel a bit tight after washing my face and it makes my skin feel amazing. I only need to use a small drop each time, so the bottle lasts for ages. The fragrance is gorgeous but I love the fact that it comes from the natural ingredients and not from synthetic nasties.

Sarah from Brighton


I had been treating my skin for solar keratosis my skin was very sore and I was wondering if it would ever recover again. I tried the Juno Joie  oil and my skin really started to recover very quickly at a far quicker rate than before. My skin looks and feels so much better than before. The oil is easy to use, leaves the skin feeling lovely and even smells great, certainly a lovely product. 

Pippa from Surrey


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