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Welcome to the world of the Juno Skincare goddesses

Our goddesses embrace passionately the beauty in themselves and their lives

They are fearless, the first to try new experiences. Each one brings a different expertise, individualistic yet with a firm belief in relationships and the part they play in expanding their horizons.

Just like our Goddesses, Juno Skincare is passionate about relationships, especially with people we believe in.

The attention to detail behind all our products is what drives us forward, as well as the relationships we build along the way, whether it’s with our suppliers, retailers employees or customers.

We regularly get out of the workshop to meet and learn from the people who make Juno Skincare their chosen product. Just in the same way that we once simply started with a new idea, we still maintain this simple open minded approach. Engaging as much as possible allows us to discover what you think of what we do. 

Community is at the heart of Juno Skincare and our Goddesses as well as ourselves will share ideas thoughts videos, information and events.

Inger Moss

Inger Moss

Norway is ranked as the happiest country in the world based on freedom, honesty, welfare, good health, and generosity. Inger Moss, 55,  herself Norwegian embodies these sentiments even after having made the UK her home for the past 22 years. 


Never one to shy away from new challenges, she has always adapted to new experiences, manifesting her mantra of ‘anything is possible as long as you apply yourself’.


Married with one child she has never shied away from learning new skills, seize the day! Something she has passed on to her daughter who in turn applied that very philosophy to herself.  


Norwegians are naturally in touch with nature and the environment where even once a year many attend ’nattinaturen’ (night in nature). An opportunity  to disconnect from the urban landscape and reconnect with natures own rhythm.


Perhaps this is a reflection of Inger and where she is in her life, ’looking after my outer self is as important to my inner self’

Anika Grimm​

Although life does not always follow the path we choose, Anika’s path certainly carries her namesake. Just as with the Brothers Grimm who collected stories and tales, Anika has had no shortage of stories that she has collected throughout her life. 


She originally intended to visit the UK fleetingly when aged only 19, a pitstop before continuing to travel the world. However life had other plans and 22 years later the UK is very much home.


She is a seasoned practitioner of Yoga, senior teacher and therapist. Her practices and teachings are rooted in the viniyoga approach of TKV Desikachar, as well as Thai Yoga massage and Ayurveda.


For the past 5 years she has been one of the organisers of the Brighton Yoga Festival and more recently a trustee of the Brighton Yoga foundation, a registered charity bringing the benefits of yoga to people from all walks of life and backgrounds.


Anika has also presented a yoga tv show on Latest TV’s ‘For the love of Yoga’ where she welcomes different guests, focusing each episode on a different aspect of yoga.


Now in her 40's with her two children aged 20 and 18, her appetite for new stories has never faded. Her lust for knowledge means she continues to study Yoga, broadening her understanding and teaching new and seasoned Yogis both here in the UK and throughout Europe.

Anika Grimm
Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams

The same magic that fascinated Yeats at the turn of the twentieth century seems to still exist in County Leitrim, Ireland. Caroline’s birthplace and the inspiration for Yeats ‘Stolen Child’ has forever remained in Carolines heart…and the line ‘Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild may well have been written with Caroline in mind.


Caroline went to the waters and beyond at an early age. With eyes open and zest for learning she left for the UK aged 18 and since then has called it home.  


Caroline first became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants when only 28, and as such was one of the youngest finance professionals to have been awarded this status in the UK.


Since then she has become in demand for a variety of different organisations, mainly creative, media, hospitality and entertainment. Working with Cinenord, Norway, Egg and KLD, Dublin, Codex London and shortly BodyWorlds London as well as the Irish Film Board where Caroline is a Screen Leader to their European programme. 

Most recently she has been a director and Honorary treasurer at the Institute of Iyengar Yoga, a passion  which has become a way of life.

Emma Newlyn

Having been surrounded by Yoga and meditation from a young age, Emma has grown up with a deep interest in ‘alternative’ health.

Now a Yoga teacher, therapist, musician and published writer, she helps others discover their own potential of mind, body and life path. She trained to teach Yoga with Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga in Europe, and later studied in depth with Emil Wendel and Julie Martin of Brahmani Yoga in India. She uses her knowledge of alternative health and healing alongside continued exploration of Ayurveda, sound therapy and philosophy, organising classes and workshops throughout Sussex, as well as private therapy sessions and UK & international retreats. 

She is a contributor to magazines such as Breathe and Soul & Spirit, and online platforms such as Chant Malas, The Holistic Journal, Yoga Matters, Ekhart Yoga and London’s The Wellcome Collection.

Emma Newlyn Yoga
Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher

Growing up in Devon, Catherine first came to yoga through surfing. At first yoga wasn’t really her thing as she found it impossible to switch off her mind or see the benefit of the final savasana relaxation.


This all changed when she found her ‘sanctuary’ at be-yoga. She was fascinated by how yoga quietened her mind and helped her deal with her then, daily stresses within the corporate world and busy london commuter lifestyle.


Catherine developed a passion for helping others by offering and sharing what she had learnt through her own journey with yoga. She began teaching yoga in the corporate world and has since branched out across the UK and now to Morocco to lead yoga & surf retreats for surf Maroc.


She runs her own European retreats as well as hen do “zen do” party packages in brighton! Her real passion and skill–set lies in creating unique yoga events, whether a zen do, workshop or retreat.   

Sophie Corbet

Performance has always been in her blood. After leaving Dance school at 17, Sophie appeared in many different shows throughout the West End as well as fronting various bands. With the arrival of her eldest son Dylan, she moved into voice overs. You have undoubtedly heard her voice on adverts ranging from L’Oreal to Activia and many more.


Her love of clothes led her to start designing her own line three years ago and Maud by Sophie Corbett was born. Around the same time, together with her business partner Jo Rendle, she opened a new lifestyle/concept shop ‘Four Candles Shop’. Their eye for new, exciting brands has filled the shop with beautiful, unique items, often exclusive.


Always running around, Sophie has recently started yoga, giving her ‘time to breathe’, although she still loves taking her dogs for walks down by the beach. Sophie was ‘so chuffed’ when asked to be a Juno Goddess as she ‘loves all the products’. She is the perfect goddess and although ‘all for growing old gracefully, never wants to completely grow up!’

Sophie Corbett
Catherine Gallagher

Eve Dawes

After having trained and graduated from the Central School of Ballet and London Studio Centre, UK, and before returning to the USA, Eve went on to tour internationally. Performing with the Vienna Festival Ballet as well as appearing in musicals, TV, music videos, theaters as well as films such as Burlesque and Burt Wonderstone. Throughout her life, Eve has led a holistic approach to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. This has manifested itself in many different ways, as a SAG-AFTRA actress, a model, Mrs. Nevada United States 2017, as a WBFF Pro Athlete and a writer. Publications have included Oxygen Magazine, Huffington Post, Thrive Magazine, E! 50 Super Epic TV moments and Fit & Firm Magazine to name a few.


Her experiences and achievements have given her a unique combination of active leadership, extensive volunteer work, philanthropy, and coaching skills allowing her to empower and help others achieve their goals.


Eve is also founder of the healthy lifestyle community which promotes, educates and inspires people to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle by providing free resources and as co-host of Faviana’s ‘Glam & Gowns’ YouTube Channel she continues to share her knowledge of fitness, fashion, and beauty.


Eve has always acknowledged the benefits of not only eating natural, unprocessed produce but also natural or organic, chemical free products which is why she felt ‘an immediate connection with Juno Skincare’.

Julie Devine

David Niven once said ‘Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don't take anything too seriously, it’ll work out in the end’. That very circus has delivered a rich and varied life that continues to give an endless stream of diverse experiences that makes Julie the dynamic women she is today. 


After studying for a degree in Fine Art, she joined arguably the greatest circus on earth; the music tours of rock and roll. Firstly she started her own food business, catering for the varied and demanding needs of Rock Stars on the road which then diversified into costume, stage management and back stage party organising. Working with the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones & Elton John to name but few meant Julie having to deliver ‘the greatest show on earth’ for some of the most demanding stars around.


With the birth of her daughter Rosie, Julie chose a different path. One which allowed the opportunity to be at home and enjoy the experience of being mum. She started an events company, catering to the same clients she had been on the road with whilst amazingly and simultaneously training as metaphysics teacher over a period of 12 years. Bliss was accompanied with a discovery and sustained practice of meditation which then led to her greatest enjoyment, music and becoming a  DJ, working in the UK & abroad.


Amongst all of this, together with some ex-members of 80’s dance sensation  ‘Hot Gossip’ & a bunch of best friends she formed ‘Hot Flush’ a dance troupe for women of a certain age, performing live shows for charity to inspire older people to move & be sexy. Even ending up as the  centre fold in Saga Magazine in her 50s! ‘Hot Flush’ is one of Julie’s proudest moments, raising enough money for 8 women with breast cancer, to have alternative treatments for a year at The Haven in London.


Julies joie de vivre and zest for life never ceases, running twice yearly Artist Open House where she curates the exhibition, organising Supper Clubs, running the successful themed dance nights ‘Golden Delicious’ as well healths retreats in the Alps with her best friend Persephone Deacon. Juno Skincare have contributed & participated in her retreats and she LOVES the products! Julie feels proud & honoured to be a Juno Goddess!


Michal Cohen-Sagi

The power of change is something that Michal holds close to her heart and resonates with us here at Juno Skincare. A hugely successful corporate career at Microsoft did not address her overall lifestyle and spiritual needs, this made Michal evaluate the preciousness of time and the now, especially in regards to the joy of her life, her son. With a focus on her family's wellbeing she delved into a journey of self-discovery which in turn led to the creation of 58 Wellbeing & Lifestyle, a group of 3 separate wellness companies which included joining forces with the pioneering Allbright Collective female members club where she integrated a luxurious and expert lead wellness area into the overall club. 

Her 360 degree approach to wellness is something which resonates with Juno Skincare and has now manifested itself as a collaboration where Michal has chosen amongst many other specially curated products Juno Skincare for some of the facials on offer at The Allbright.

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